Seller Flow

At first, Mr. A can sign up an account and fill in all required information to create himself a professional profile page.

After that, Mr. A can start his service by posting a Job.

In Mr. A’s dashboard, he can easily manage his Jobs and also his orders.

Once Mr. A completes an order, he will deliver his work to Mrs. B by sending a message with attached file(s).

Of course, if everything is okay, the Job is delivered on time, Mr. A can receive his payment. The money will be sent to his account on the site and he can withdraw it whenever he wants.

Mr. A has two ways to withdraw the money: via PayPal or via Bank account. He has to complete the information first in order to withdraw the money.

Buyer Flow

At first, Mrs. B can visit the site and uses the search bar to find her suitable freelancer. All she needs to do is entering the keyword (e.g. script translation) in the search bar and the system will send back the result.

The Job posted by Mr. A will be listed out and Mrs. B can view the detail of it.

When Mrs. B decides that Mr. A is a good partner for her, she can place an order. Mrs. B then has to send the money and commission to the admin. Admin will keep it until the job is finished and send it to Mr. A.

During the working process, Mr. A and Mrs. B can communicate with each other via message system. Users can send messages to each other as well as add attachments such as photos and other files.

Whenever there’s a new message, of course users can see notification reminding them to check out.

After the Job’s done, Mrs. B changes the status of the Job to Accept so that she can write a review for Mr. A.

The Job is now considered as “Finished”. A pop-up is shown up to let Mrs. B rate and write a review for Mr. A.

The Gist
As a user in the site, you can be both seller and buyer. Users then can use this site to find their suitable working partners:

● The sellers (Job’s owners) can earn money by providing their services

● The buyers can find their suitable service providers.

What can users do?

Users: On, users can act two roles: buyer and seller. If a user are both buyer and seller, s/he will be able to use the features of both sides.

As a SELLER, you can easily Register & verify email to the site and immediately start posting your Job.

● Create profile

● Add portfolios and attached files

● Post a Job

● Edit/Archive/Delete a Job

● Review a custom order

● Complete the Job

● Send/Receive instant messages

● Withdraw money

As a BUYER, you can provide your detailed information and find out the potential seller

● Create profile

● Search for seller/service

● Place an order

● Send a custom order

● Dispute a Job

● Review a seller

● Send/Receive instant messages

Manage Disputation

There’ll be time when unfavourable issues may surface between a buyer and a seller though it’s very rare. Even when the Job hasn’t been completed, Mrs. B can “quit” while Mr. A can “close” the Job.

Of course, they will have to explain the reason behind these actions. The panel of then will play a role to settle the issue between a buyer and a seller without any partiality.