vosboss.com was born as a result of several experiences the founder went through when he was outsourcing digital services from other sites. Some of the sites have complicated terms of services and others too charge too high service fees. Many of these sites have other loopholes issues stretching from security services to monetization of key players.

Upon several research, it was seen that all such ills could be solved for better services. Attempts were made to draw site owners’ attention to update their services but they did not embrace the offered solution 100%. Still worried about the general state of things, vosboss.com was established to curb the situation of the dissatisfaction as experienced before that others too might be facing elsewhere in this field of business.

vosboss.com is a web platform where vosboss.com is used to handle short term electronic contracts between e-service(s) providers and their clients. In other words, it’s a world of commercial activity that deals with selling and buying of digital goods and services with a built-in chat service, sophisticated security system and efficient search triggers for smoothness in transaction process. 

vosboss.com business has two categories of customers that are the key players on the platform.

  • Buyers: Individuals and/or Businesses of all sizes that need to outsource digital activities
  • Sellers: Individuals and/or Firms looking for the opportunity to sell digital services